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RadioOnFire is an urban-oriented, media company and a premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful commentary and informed perspectives. Reaching more than 8 million households worldwide, RadioOnFire offers live news coverage, political opinions, entertainment topics and documentary programming.


​Dwayne 'Diamond K' Williams, Radio Host, Film Maker, Producer, DJ and Author, who has reached over 8 million viewers since starting the news site, in April of 2012. Diamond K has produced and directed films. He is also CEO of High Rolla Records (along with co-founder J Jackson) and presenters of The Baltimore Music Awards. As a teenager, Diamond K got his start as a recording artist under the direction of Frank Ski releasing the record "Hey Girl - Where Ya Boyfriend At?" He soon turned his attention towards production; recording and releasing Baltimore club music classics like "Are You The Bomb?", "Hey You Knuckleheads!", "Put Ya Leg Up" and more on his High Rolla Records/Pimphouse Music label. 


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