Chase the Dream: Baltimore "Unda Rated" Ep. 1

​Unda Rated Lor Chris introduces the world to his Unda Rated Ent. team featuring appearances from King Quan UpNext, Unda Rated Ty, Skrilla1Hunnit and manager DeMetra Jackson-Varner of In the Nik of Time Management.

Chase the Dream: Baltimore Season 2 Coming January 2019 

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Chase the Dream: Baltimore "Set the Stage" Ep. 4

Diamond K talks about losing a close friend to suicide, growing up in Baltimore, his childhood, the early days of his music career, and forming a high school boy band with J Jackson called (The CIA)



Diamond K

J Jackson

Luscious Kisses

Unda Rated Lor Chris

King Quan UpNext

K Mack Knokville

DeMetra Jackson-Varner

D Boi da Dome

Stephan Miquel​​


"Chase The Dream: Baltimore" is a reality show produced by Diamond K documenting the lives and relationships of several Baltimore recording artist.

This new show brings a group of fresh, talented artists trying to make it big in the city and beyond. With personalities as strong as their rhymes, watch them navigate thru life, love and the entertainment business. Will they let past beef and love triangles hold them back? Who will rise to the top on their journey to 'Chase the Dream'?

Chase the Dream: Baltimore 

Chase the Dream: Baltimore "Luscious Love" Ep. 2

​Luscious Kisses is shifting from adult entertainment to the music business while juggling a troubled romance with her manager.

Chase the Dream: Baltimore "Risk It All" Ep. 3

D Boi da Dome risks it all moving from street life to rap life while K Mack Knokville recalls his start in rap with the Annexx Click.